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Pieces available will vary depending on the time of year.  From August onwards, I'll be making lots of stained glass Christmas decorations.  At other times there will be one-off designs, either my own or from copyright free patterns.


Commissions are always welcome.



Midsummer Haze

A 3 dimensional version of the mountains, this time in smoky blue glass.  I love the way the colours evoke the steamy heat of summer.  Copper foiled glass on a waxed oak plinth. Slightly larger than the standard size for this work. 

425mm x 120mm x 170mm.




Ben Ledi from Thornhill

A 2 dimensional mountain.  Purple waterglass gives a wonderful texture both looking through the glass and in its reflection. Copper foiled glass on a waxed oak plinth.



"Summer Greens"

A 3 dimensional rendering of the mountain views from my garden.  Copper-foiled glass on a waxed oak plinth.

340mm x 120mm x 150mm





"Stormy weather"


2D. Inspired by stormy conditions over the Trossachs.




"Circular Motion"

Another new design using clear textured glass and coloured glass where the circles intersect.  Copper-foiled glass on a waxed oak plinth.  Can be made with any colour combination of your choice.  £75




This is the first panel in a series of four, depicting the Birks of Aberfeldy through the seasons.  This is Winter.












Summer.........the year's almost over!









Christmas Decorations



Stars - £7.50 plus P&P

Many other colours available





Holly with variegated colour and textured glass.

£10.50 plus P&P




Mistletoe sprig. 

Five individual mistletoe bound into a perfect sprig for kissing under!

£43.50 plus p&p






Trailing Ivy      Approx. 15cm long.     £16.00 plus p&p






Mistletoe - £8.50 plus P&P






Holly - £10.50 plus P&P





Angel (various colours available) £10.50 plus P&P





Robin - £8.50 plus P&P





Dove - £10.50 plus P&P

Current Stock

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